Out in the freezing cold

you are still young, but you look very old.

From dumpster gone bad fruits you are scraping off the dirt

polishing the rotten apples on your only shirt.

Sometimes you feel like you are the choosen one,

other times you feel like you are the lost son.

In the nighttime you are sure you are finally done,

come morning, you are blinded by the rising sun.

You retreat from the glistering snow

shout around a loud and crazy “Ho ho ho!”

So many Christmas carols unsung

since you are all alone, a long way gone.

Do what you need to do,

do what you must.

Are animals better off in the zoo

than you? Feel the lust

of life when you see the blinking lights

of the city, the cars, the windows during blurred nights

so high that you feel like in the deepest ditch

sobering up in the hospital getting the last stitch.